Search Party Logistics

The annual search party around Sloan's Lake occurs in Autumn when it is most likely for a sighting. Search participants begin at dawn and circle the lake as a group 10 times (approx. 26 miles!), leaving on the hour every hour or until they find the Colfax Creature (aka Goosifer, the Sloan's Lake Monster), if they are to be so fortunate.
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Search Party Logistics

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The annual search party is held at Sloan's Lake in Denver, Colorado. The Colfax Creature is most likely to be in this area in Autumn but the exact date will vary depending on latest information available from sightings and tracking efforts.
  • WHEN: Autumn. Exact date will vary year to year.
  • START TIME: 0700 or just after dawn
  • END TIME: 1800 or earlier if the creature is caught
  • BASECAMP LOCATION: Basecamp will be setup at Sloan's Lake, exact location TBD.

We will begin the search as a group at the beginning of each hour and will do this for 10 hours, completing 10 full searches around Sloan's Lake. Each search will take approximately 2.6 miles to complete, culminating around 26 miles over the course of the search!

Ground Rules
  • The entire search party will leave basecamp as a group together
  • Each person will need to complete a full survey around the lake (approx 2.6 miles)
  • Each person will need to return back to basecamp within the hour. You can search at your own pace but be sure to check-in and be accounted for
  • We will leave basecamp promptly at the beginning of each hour
  • We will complete 10 full surveys around the lake (approx 26 miles)
  • The search can be conducted in smaller teams who want take turns going out for a survey. Just let the organizing party know in advance

The organizing party will provide some refreshments (water, coffee) and limited sustenance. Pending pre-search resources the organizing party may also have some equipment to provide to participants as well. Regardless, make sure you are prepared and are completely self-reliant.

Here are some things to consider:
  • Wear appropriate attire to complete 10 searches around the lake ~ 26 miles in total. That's a marathon of monster hunting!
  • Bring nutrition and electrolytes to keep you going strong
  • Bring a headlamp or flashlight for the start and end of the search
  • Bring shelter (pop-ups, tent, umbrella) so you can be protected from the elements throughout the long day
  • DO NOT BRING any weapons or anything else that could get yourself or others hurt!

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please reply below.
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