What is the Colfax Creature?

General information about the Colfax Creature also known as Goosifer, the Sloan's Lake Monster. This is a good place to start to learn more about the Colfax Creature!
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What is the Colfax Creature?

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The Colfax Creature, also known as "Goosifer" or "the Sloan's Lake Monster" in Coloradoan folklore, is a hybrid creature purported to have the head of a goose and a body similar to a Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Evidence of it's existence is based on a growing number of anecdotal visual sightings but there has yet to be video or audio recordings. Folklorists are just now starting to document their findings about this previously unknown creature.

Not many people have seen the creature, but it has been described as a large, muscular, goose with an ape/Bigfoot like body ranging 2-3 meters in height, covered in black, brown, and tan fur with feathers akin to a Canada goose.

Sketch from one of the first sightings of the creature documented here


Origin of the Names
The legends and rumors about such a creature existed before there was a single name for it.
  • Colfax Creature was first adopted because the creature has been sighted late at night in various locations along the lengthy and infamous Colfax Avenue
  • Sloan's Lake Monster because of recent and increased sightings in the Sloan's Lake neighborhood in Northwest Denver
  • Goosifer is becoming even more popular as some have described the creature as having glowing red eyes, eerily similar to that of Denver International Airport's Blue Mustang aka Blucifer sculpture (that has a sorted history of its own!)

Nearly all claims of sightings are located around Sloan's Lake and the Western corridor of Colfax Avenue.
Sightings and Tracking Forum has more details.

Annual Sloan's Lake Search Party
Each year, in early Autumn, a group of curious citizens gather for an organized search around Sloan's Lake. A search party is conducted over the course of 10 hours as citizens circle the lake 10 times (totally 26.2ish miles!), starting at the beginning of every hour in hopes that they will get a sighting or an opportunity to catch the creature in action!
The Annual Sloan's Lake Search Party Forum has more details about this event.
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