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2023 Search Party Sightings

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2023 5:24 am
by admin
There were A LOT of sightings leading up to the capture of Goosifer during the first annual Search Party. Unfortunately, Goosifer escaped capture and we are now back on the search.

  • DATE: September 2, 2023 during the annual Search Party
    TIME: Approximately 1630
    COORDINATES: Approx 39.74488018382548, -105.04548564971768 (near the SLSP Basecamp location)
  • GENERAL: There are actually lots of photos of the creature taken during the search. What was unusual about these photos is that the creature appears to have human hands. This has not been previously reported but given how social the creature was and how easy it was to capture this may have been someone posing as Goosifer. Documenting these interactions but be cautious about believing that this may be an authentic goosifer.
    HEIGHT: At least 6 ft tall, maybe 7?
    WEIGHT: No idea but must be at least 300 lbs
    COLOR: Black and white head, brown body. I think it had both fur and features but couldn't distinguish. Human hands (appearing Caucasian).
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